DG Podiatrist treats all types of pathologies such as callus, corns, nails, skin, nerves, verruae's, diabetic feet, footwear, nail surgery, insoles and orthotics. A detailed consultation will ensure and enrich each person with great knowledge of his or her feet and the brilliance of podiatry.

DG Consultation

30 mins

An in-depth foot consultation that answers all of your foot questions. This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to improved the health of their feet, from those who love their heels to people suffering with diabetes, this could be right for you. 

The most beneficial part of this treatment is the education. Along with foot advice, you can also learn how all of our treatments can restore, replenish and revitalise your feet to full health. All medical history will be discussed during your appointment, enabling us to fully understand your individual needs. If treatment is required, an appropriate appointment can be arranged.


London's Medical Pedicure

(Full Podiatry/Chiropody) 60 mins

Do you go for regular pedicures? Are you on your feet all day and want them to feel light and fresh again? Then London’s Medical Pedicure is for you.  One of the many beauties of this treatment is that it’s suitable for both men and women of all ages, and is ideal for expectant mothers who are look for some light foot relief.

This luxury treatment includes a thorough assessment of both feet from nails, skin, down to your heels and even in between your toes. The process means you’re in safe hands as all medical requirements are addressed first. The most beneficial part of this treatment is the education. You will also be advised on the best home remedies plus much more.

To finish, you have the option of choosing from 3 hand-picked nail polishes to complete your treatment.


"Walk The Walk" Biomechanics

60 mins

Are you a runner, cyclist, dancer looking to improve your performance? Then look no further. This treatment is ideal for athletes in mind or those who need some extra alignment support. The way you stand is very important as it affects your ankles, knees, hips and back. Think of it all as a train line; if one carriage goes off track, it can affect the whole body. Classic symptoms people have are fallen arches, flat feet, ankle or knee problems, to even hip and lower back pain, which can be symptoms of imbalance. 

The "Walk The Walk" Biomechanics treatment is a thorough assessment of your joints and their available movements. We will examine your joints, knee and the arches of your feet whilst combining this with assessing your lifestyle needs and footwear.

We can talk through all aspects of insoles otherwise known as orthotics, making sure your bespoke pair of orthotics is tailored to you which we can take from a cast of your feet.


Sole of London

1 hr 30 mins

The Sole of London is a combined Ayurvedic medical treatment that brings together the best of East and West therapy.

Designed to perfect your feet with medical precision, the Sole of London is followed by six stages of nourishing Tri-Dosha treatments including a cleanser, foot scrub, support oil, compress and massage, foot wrap and finally an invigorating lotion, leaving your feet feeling light, revived and silky smooth.

For That Special Day

x4 30 mins

Our For That Special Day treatment has been featured in many glossy magazines including Tatler and You & Your Wedding. We understand that weddings are incredible life events, but sometimes feet can get overlooked. You’ve got the perfect shoes, so why not have the feet to match?

This is a four-week session is designed for the groom or bride-to-be, so make sure to get in touch with us preferable 1-2 months prior to your wedding date. We want everything to run smoothly and comfortably for you, so the last thing you’ll have to worry about is your feet and footwear on your big day.


Express My Feet

30 mins

This treatment is perfect for those busy Londoners or people that have fast-paced lifestyles and want some instant maintenance. It’s particularly ideal for those working a hectic 9-5, busy mothers and fathers, world travellers, life lovers and for those who simply want to know what it feels like to have great, feeling feet.

Simply choose two areas that you’d like treated on your feet. For example: nails and heels, or corn and hard skin and I will then tend to that area. This is a great way to keep your feet in tip-top condition throughout the year when you don’t have much time to have our London’s Medical Pedicure. 



30 mins

Corns are some of the most common foot complaints that we see every week. They can appear in many areas of the foot and they can be very painful. 

DG Podiatrist specialises in educating you what a corn is, how it’s happens and why. This treatment provides instant relief as corns can be removed immediately and is generally pain-free.

If you have a corn, don’t suffer in silence, we want to help and provide you relief. 



30 mins

Verrucas are viral infection in the skin that sometimes take more than an off-the-counter prescription to clear. 

This treatment is ideal for everyone, and specifically swimmers! Verrucas are not age or gender specific and they can be pain-free at times, therefore, it’s important to check your feet quite often if you go to public areas often, share yoga mats, have kids or even travel.

We use a series of gold standard treatment methods to help rid you of your verruca with a referral to a fantastic consultant that performs electro surgery for extreme cases. You will be explained thoroughly at each step of the treatment why and what is being done, how you will benefit from it and the science behind it all. If you feel you have verruca or are unsure on what to do, come and see us and we will help you.


Nail Care

30 mins

Our Nail Care treatment is all about nails. It’s available for every one and all toes nails of all ages, but this treatment could be ideal for the older client who may need an extra hand with their nail care. The treatment is great for people who have sore top corners of their toe nails, have thick nails and even fungal infections. Whether you would like your nails professionally cut to prevent ingrown toenails and further infections, this treatment is made for you.


File/Drill & Cream


15 mins

File/Drill & Cream is ideal for shop workers who stand on their feet all day, mothers-to-be who need a little relief and anyone who wants some necessary luxury in their life. This is a great treatment in itself and especially if you have minimal and superficial dryness on your feet, as well as being a perfect treatment in-between our London’s Medical Pedicure.


Nail Surgery

Time tbc

Have you ever suffered from in-grown toenails? Do they keep reoccurring despite having them cut back? Are you prone to infections? Or do you lead a very busy life, which means you don’t have time to have our Nail Care treatment? Then our Nail Surgery might be for you. 

We will be with you from start to finish with regular visits for redressing and review post-treatment. 


Please note: Bring updated medical records & medication list. All new patients are required to book a consultation before booking for a treatment.

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required or a cancellation fee will be administered of the full treatment. Patients will be reminded of their appointments prior to the time. Patients late by more than 10minutes will not be seen but a treatment charge will apply.

DG Podiatrist is highly recommended for foot problems! Dina gives you the best opinions and advice. You will feel very welcomed and comfortable. DG Podiatrist has a wide range of foot products and services leaving you and your feet feeling happy and satisfied.
— Classy Cobblers LTD

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