DG Podiatrist treats all types of pathologies such as callus, corns, nails, skin, nerves, verrucae, diabetic feet, footwear, nail surgery, insoles and orthotics. A detailed consultation will ensure and enrich each person with great knowledge of his or her feet and the brilliance of podiatry.

Please note: Bring updated medical records & medication list and ensure nail polish has been removed.

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required or a cancellation fee will be administered for the full treatment. Patients will be reminded of their appointments prior to the time via confirmation email upon booking only. Patients late by more than 15 minutes will not be seen but a treatment charge will apply. Failure to pay fees will forfeit in any future appointments till payment has been made.

DG Consultation

30 mins, £95

45 mins, £130

An in-depth consultation, answering all of your questions, with advice and treatment of specific area available given time. Full medical history will be discussed, enabling us to understand your individual needs. Perfect for those busy Londoners. Simply choose two areas on your feet for treatment. A great way to keep your feet in tip-top condition throughout the year when you don’t have much time to have our London’s Medical Pedicure.

london's medical pedicure

60 mins, £160

Press favourite treatment. Dry technique, cleansed with anti-bacterials on the whole foot from toenails to heels. Nails cut and cleared. Full debridement of hard skin, with removal of corns if required and superficial skin via a drill. Cream and oil of your choice is applied. Silky smooth and fresh for weeks.


30 mins, £95

The most common foot complaint. Corns appear in many areas of the foot and can be very painful. DG Podiatrist specialises in educating you on what a corn is and how it happens. Treatment provides instant relief as corns can be removed immediately and is generally pain-free.


30 mins, £85

Viral infection in the skin can take more than off-the-counter prescriptions to clear. Using gold standard methods only, each treatment step will be explained, including benefits of why each step is required and the science behind it.


60 mins, £160

Fallen arches, flat feet, ankle or knee problems, and lower back pain? This assessment checks your joints and their imbalances, whilst assessing your lifestyle needs and footwear. Casting of your feet and bespoke orthotics (insoles) can be done during this appointment.

heel pain

30 mins, £95

Heel pain can be extremely painful; during this consultation you will be taught about the anatomy, pathology and how to alleviate symptoms quickly and comfortably. You will be shown the correct methods to start seeing results promptly.


30 mins, £95

optional fungal testing, £118

Ideal for those who have sore top corners of their toenails, ingrown nails, thick nails and even fungal infections. Nails are professionally cut to prevent ingrown toenails and further infections. Should you be worried about fungal nail infections, testing is available upon request at an additional cost.


TIME TBC, £500

Consultation required first. All information will be discussed - you will be educated clearly on the procedure; consent obtained and relevant post care information will be given in detail. Once completed you will have three visits for redressing and post-treatment review at £50 each.

DG Podiatrist is highly recommended for foot problems! Dina gives you the best opinions and advice. You will feel very welcomed and comfortable. DG Podiatrist has a wide range of foot products and services leaving you and your feet feeling happy and satisfied.
— Classy Cobblers LTD

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