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The Diabetes Council: 47 Podiatrists Share Tips On Good Foot Care For Those With Diabetes

The Diabetes Council recently asked their panel of experts to share their tips on good foot care for those with diabetes. As one of those chosen experts, here is what Dina Gohil, CEO and founder of DG Podiatrist had to say:

What tips would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed?
People newly diagnosed with diabetes should ask as many questions as possible about their condition and how it can impact the body; especially the feet. Always check your footwear and your feet; if you are unable to cut your own nails, notice any callus, corns, or any discomforts and pain, then see a podiatrist to have safe regular treatments. The appointment will also check for vascular and neurological status of both feet.

Why do you think a lot of people ignore their foot care when it comes to diabetes?
It is easy to forget about your feet since they are the further away to reach and with everything new required to be implemented. But remember they are the best foundations your body has, so look after them well.

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For more details on how diabetes may affect your foot health and to book an appointment please email info@dgpodiatrist.com or call +44(0)20 7706 1997.

The Sole Of London

DG Podiatrist has teamed up with Tri-Dosha skincare to produce a new combined Ayurvedic Medical treatment called the ‘Sole of London’.

The treatment begins with our signature DG Podiatrist Medical Pedicure, designed to perfect your feet with medical precision. The Medical Pedicure is then followed by six stages of nourishing Tri-Dosha treatments including a cleanser, foot scrub, support oil, compress and massage, foot wrap and finally an invigorating lotion, leaving your feet feeling light, revived and silky smooth. 

Tri-Dosha brings a fresh, honest approach to looking and feeling good. Thanks to an infusion of novel indigenous ingredients, farmed using traditional agricultural methods, their products smell and feel delicious. By infusing Tri-Dosha’s Ayurvedic products with the DG Podiatrist's Medical Pedicure, the Sole of London is a pioneering new treatment combining the best of East and West.

The Sole of London Treatment is available from December. For more info or to pre-book, please contact info@dgpodiatrist.com. 

Get Your Feet Summer Ready!

At DG Podiatrist we understand that looking beautiful and feeling healthy happens head to toe and from within.

If you’re planning a summer escape this year, then our Full Podiatry/Chiropody* treatment is perfect for you.  Designed to make your feet feel light, revived, refreshed and silky smooth, this treatment most importantly executes procedures with gentle precision that aims to be pain-free. This treatment also includes a thorough assessment of both feet for optimum health including a medical pedicure that is performed on a dry foot where hard skin, corns, nails, heels and skin conditions are professionally cared for to reveal long lasting results with a luxurious touch. Beach ready feet… what’s not to love?

Need the nails to match? We’re loving Rimmel’s #colourfest campaign with Rita Ora’s 60 Second Super Shine colour range. We love NEON FEST 322, DAISY DAYS 450 and ROLL IN THE GLASS 878!

*Dina Gohil will recommend the appropriate post-treatment cream or oil needed for the continued care of your feet. Customised props and pads will be made, if required, for future long-term relief. Strongly recommended for diabetics. Full vascular and neurological testing done.

For That Special Day…

DG Podiatrist understands that every wedding should be perfect. From the food to the décor, and even your feet! 

Our For Your Special Day treatment allows brides-to-be to replenish, restore and revive their feet for that special day. This treatment is held on a weekly basis of four consecutive weeks before the wedding date. 

Each luxurious treatment includes full podiatry/chiropody with a complimentary soothing massage for the ultimate in relaxation - a MUST for brides and grooms! In addition to this treatment, DG Podiatrist gives all clients a wedding parcel tailor made to keep away cold feet.

Interested? View the video below for more details and call us today on 020 7706 1997 to book your appointment.

Beautiful Healthy Feet: Plain Pedicure vs Medical Pedicure

Most people agree that health and beauty are the hot topics of today's world. Eating healthy, looking after one's body and personal image is certainly the new mantra on everyones mind. From magazines, to desirable personal trainers and high street demands it has become an everyday ritual to survive. Polishing from top to bottom here comes Europe's most well kept secret the 'Medical pedicure' which will now become London's best foot treatment brought to you by DG Podiatrist.

So why are pedicures so popular? Generally speaking ladies say they like being pampered and enjoy the cosmetic touch. But wait a minute, what about the men? Women are known for manicures and pedicures but where does that leave the men? Hardly fair, when they utilise their feet just as much, sure they don't wear heals and squeeze in for fashion but they need attention all the same. Needless to say, with regular pedicures, the paint work is simply fantastic and the colour choice is rather extraordinary, however sadly most people agree that the treatment only lasts a few days and comfort levels remain average. Average is simply not acceptable because you deserve the best. This is exactly where medical pedicures come in. These luxurious treatments are perfect for both men and women alike! 

From cosmetic brilliance to pathological maintenance, DG has been sought after time and time again. Regular plain pedicures will not remove the all the dead skin, any painful corns, ingrown nails or treat other symptoms like fungal nails or itchy sweaty feet. They are not trained to used scalpels or sharp tools to attempt the removal of any of these. For health and safety reasons, if you're seeing someone that does, I'd question their rights to use these instruments. DG Podiatrist, however has 3 years training allowing for safe use of tools and medical background to ensure you only the best.

A unique way of understanding the difference between a 'plain pedicure' and a 'medical pedicure' is to think about 'dry shampoo' or 'mouth wash'. In principle when your hair is greasy the dry shampoo, once sprayed, drys the oils and makes the hair look fresh but the heavy feeling of dirty hair lingers behind. Again after a long day or night, whether that be for work or travel, you may not get to brush your teeth. In despair you may reach for  the mouth wash for a quick gargle. Now we all know just how badly the dentists would disapprove with this social adaptable way of hygiene. Thats exactly how plain pedicures compare to a medical pedicure.  

Full Podiatry/ Chiropody is DG Podiatrist's unique treatment for precisely this. Both feet are never the same; each are unique and hold difference force loads on impact when standing, walking, running and other methods of exercising in various styles of footwear. This treatment assesses each foot individually from top to bottom removing all impurities along the way.  Some feet may require more than one treatment to restore them to their former glory. Both men and women should not be embarrassed to have your first appointment, after all 'a thousand mile journey is started by taking the first step'. 

Continents like north and south America, Europe and Australia have been one step ahead of UK on this beauty health secret for years. It is so normal to have a medical pedicure it has become a routine for all people at 6-8 week intervals. There is no reason to be behind this health routine. Naturally once you have experienced the treatment you will feel revived, refreshed and on air. Not only will your eyes and skin show you the difference but your feet will tell you when its time. Your body craves to be looked after, needs to be cared for and everyone deserves the best, everyone deserves luxury podiatric care by DG Podiatrist. 

Creme De La Mer: Only the best for DG's Clients

In order to provide the best, it is vital to have the best. DG believes this is the right philosophy to have because you deserve the best, always. And what better than the luxurious Creme de la mer and its infamous Miracle Broth™.

DG Podiatrist tried many creams in the search for luxurious products, then Creme de la mer consultants Mr Liang and Ms Becki, both excellent in their service, provided education on the details of the products, ingredients, reviews and popularity. Pleased to say each product tried and tested gave superb results. The nutrient-rich ingredients in the heart of all their products come from Kelps, grown and carefully selected from Vancouver, BC, Canada. These Kelps are fermented with light and sound to create luxurious creams and serums that allow for beautiful transformation.

Once seeing results it was inevitable that these products would be introduced, for all luxury cosmetic and medical, foot and ankle treatments by DG Podiatrist. This is where beauty and science  marry to give you the ultimate miracle.