Where My "Royal" Feet Take Me?

"Opera where the fat lady sings...." The opera hall, Covent Garden, picturesque in sight; mentally excused all the discomfort of a days work and travels. Standing in a pair of leather well fitted boots,  not only left me feeling slightly under dressed, but ready to horse ride straight into the first act. Thankfully I was wearing comfortable cotton socks, that left my toes feeling at ease in softness. The elastic gentle in hold reassured me, I would not end up with ankle cuff marks. Do ankle cuffs exist? Guess that is a new blog topic in its self. 

Whilst seated, eager and ready for the First act to commence- I realised, leg room was frankly appalling. I am only the average 5ft7, surely they'd accommodate for that. Let us just say Puccini's newly replaced opera singer's voice had more stretch than my legs!! So naturally sitting for a long period of time has a numbing effect on your gluteals, knees and ankles. Best option? Rotate Rotate Rotate. Shift Shift Shift. Lastly concentrate on the art of breathing. The more oxygen you intake the more your muscles receive and relax. Helps.

Now that I am within the comfort of my home. I reach for my tube of foot cream and lavishly apply top and bottom. Avoiding in between my toes. Always remember that. Happy feet equal a happy