V&A Shoes: Pleasure & Pain Exhibition

Famous for exhibiting some of the world’s most influential fashion pieces, the V&A museum is a must-see for any fashion enthusiast. This year the V&A have turned their attention towards our feet; more importantly, what we wear on them. June 13th saw the unveiling of the ‘Shoes: Pain & Pleasure’ exhibition showcasing 200 shoes ranging from ancient Egyptian gold leaf sandals to the Swarovski heels created for the recent Cinderella film. 

It’s almost impossible to select a star of the show as the list of extraordinary footwear included in the exhibition is unquestionably impressive. Highlights include Kate Middleton’s trusty court shoes, Christian Louboutin’s Ballerina Ultima fetish shoes, Marilyn Monroe’s heels from her private collection and 17th century slap-soled shoes that introduced the sound of clicking heels as the mark of an upper class lady. The list of inspiring stories told by each shoe showcased at the exhibition is endless. Every piece in the exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through the delicate balance of pleasure and pain experienced through wearing some of the world’s most influential shoes. 

The exhibition will be taking residence in the Victoria and Albert Museum until January 2016 and is sure to be one of the museum’s most popular instalments this year.