Time Well Spent

This month Dina Gohil shared her podiatry knowledge as a key speaker at the 'Time Well Spent' luxury wellness day retreat, organised by Tri-Dosha in partnership with COMO Shambhala Urban Retreat in London.

The event took place on Saturday 17th October and aimed to indulge and educate attendees by combining three short informal speaker presentations, nutritional coaching, meditation and massage.

The session opened with with Dina's presentation. Dina advised people on how to find the best shoes, from the width of the 'toe box' to the best kind of fabrics to look for. Guests learnt simple tips like 'why you shouldn't wear flip flops for long-distance walking' and 'how long you should use a pair of trainers for'. Throughout Dina's talk, guests were given lots of useful advice on keeping their feet healthy and happy!