The Sole Of London

DG Podiatrist has teamed up with Tri-Dosha skincare to produce a new combined Ayurvedic Medical treatment called the ‘Sole of London’.

The treatment begins with our signature DG Podiatrist Medical Pedicure, designed to perfect your feet with medical precision. The Medical Pedicure is then followed by six stages of nourishing Tri-Dosha treatments including a cleanser, foot scrub, support oil, compress and massage, foot wrap and finally an invigorating lotion, leaving your feet feeling light, revived and silky smooth. 

Tri-Dosha brings a fresh, honest approach to looking and feeling good. Thanks to an infusion of novel indigenous ingredients, farmed using traditional agricultural methods, their products smell and feel delicious. By infusing Tri-Dosha’s Ayurvedic products with the DG Podiatrist's Medical Pedicure, the Sole of London is a pioneering new treatment combining the best of East and West.

The Sole of London Treatment is available from December. For more info or to pre-book, please contact