Signs That Kids Have Foot Problems

Kids are the key to the future and every step can be a pleasurable thing. Sadly foot and ankle problems in children can occur and with subtle symptoms which allow them to go unnoticed. This makes it ten times more important to protect and nurture their young growing feet with regular check ups.

Signs for parents to watch for, by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons highlights, the following five things;

1) The child does not want to show their feet.

Regular inspection by the parent/guardian and child can result in foot confidence. Sometimes when a child feels pain or notices something unusual in appearance their first instinct is to hide it, as most believe it will just go away. Several things to look for are callus or hard skin, redness, swelling in the corner of toenails and skin discolouration.

2) The child complains about pain.

Foot pain in children is never normal and should be queried. If after minor injury the pain lasts longer than a few days, this is a good indication to take the child for a thorough examination to DG Podiatrist.

3) The child is unable to keep up with their peers.

Kids are full of energy, that love to run around with their peers, to play games and enjoy sports. So when they start to complain about tired feet and leg muscles, this can be the result of dis-functioning feet. Fatigue is common in with flat feet. Your child may require insoles/orthotic to help correct the imbalance.  DG Podiatrist can go through assessments to determine the needs of individual children to provide them with necessary insole/orthotics.

4) The child often falls or trips.

Kids jump, run, dive and fall- agreed this is a common thing. But when the clumsiness because an reoccurring incident this should be examined. This can be a sign for things like balance problems, in-toeing and neuromuscular meaning nerves and muscle conditions.

5) The child may choose not to take part in activities they usually enjoy.

Most common foot problem is heel pain brought about by a condition called Sever's Disease. Sports that cause repetitive stress will induce this condition.

To help your children maintain ultimate foot health and prevent problems from developing get them check out. Review their footwear with DG Podiatrist to ensure they have the best for their feet. Kids need our guidance to grow into stars they want to be.