Scratch Magazine – PUTTING THE MEDI in pedi with DG Podiatrist

On Friday, I went to visit podiatrist extraordinaire, Dina Gohil, at DG Podiatrist for my first medical pedicure.

Located a stone’s throw from Bond Street, London, DG Podiatrist offers treatments for calluses, corns, verrucas, general nail and skin care and care of diabetic feet.

Having been on the receiving end of many pedicures, but never a medi-pedi, I was intrigued to discover exactly what it involves and how the two treatments differ. Thankfully, Dina was on hand to explain.

“A medical pedicure is aimed at looking for the health of the person’s feet and regarding foot health in a holistic approach,” Dina clarified. “I look at the way a person stands and the way that they walk.”

Dina asked about my health history before examining my rather unkempt tootsies and heels. We discussed different areas of foot care and how to avoid certain problems, such as hard skin. After that, an antibacterial liquid was sprayed onto my feet and a specially-formulated hydrogen peroxide was dripped on to the nails.

The main part of the treatment included the shaving of hard or dead skin with a scalpel. I know what you’re thinking, but it was completely painless! Even as a squeamish and ticklish person, I was completely at ease as Dina set to work.

“We always use sterilised instruments in packets, ready to go!” Dina revealed.

DG Podiatrist specialises in luxury foot healthcare. Of course we use the best things we can for you – the best creams, the best instruments and make sure the treatment is in a beautiful setting, but really the luxury actually stands in time; time for each and every client. We will always sit down with clients and talk to them about anything you want to discuss.
— Dina Gohil

“The luxury also stands for education. If a client has not learnt what’s happening with their feet or why it’s happening or how it can be prevented or maintained, they will not be looking after them to the best of their standards.

“We want clients to have an amazing experience; to sit back and relax and enjoy the session. I don’t want people coming in feeling scared or nervous – I’ve seen it all!”

After Dina was happy with the removal of skin with the scalpel, she set it down to use specially designed clippers to cut and shape the nail. She then started up her electrical file to take of any remaining dead skin from the foot and finish off the nails.

After having replenishing oil on my nails and mixture of CSS Foot Cream and Crème de la Mer smoothed and massaged into my feet, they really felt like new.

To find out more about DG Podiatrist, visit: and read more about medi-pedi’s in the September issue of Scratch here