Review: Saltskrub

I always get curious to see how products are packaged.  Saltskrub made sure to seal it air tight all the way from Denmark.  The clean and sophisticated tubs made me curious to the texture of the product.  I opened up each package like a child at Christmas, and inside each product was and ideal-sized wooden, engraved spoon that are provided with each tub. 

So, what did I think of the products?

SALT SCRUB for normal skin

The rich aromas,  of what smelt like apricots,  took over my bathing rituals. Each granule was visible in a creamy dune, and the sea salt elements intrigued me. Saltskrub advise to use the product on wet skin, needless to say that's exactly what I did. I gently scrubbed both my feet,  focusing on the areas that receive the most pressure from my gallivanting, London adventures, and then I washed away any residue. My feet were left feeling silky with an oily finish, almost when you just finish from a spa treatment. And the smell... it's delicious! Just be careful when exiting the bath or shower to avoid any indoor ice skating routines. 


Back to my sanctuary that I call my room for part two of the products; the foot oil. Time to do what I do best. Massaging from the heel up to the toes in circular and pulsating notions.  How did it feel? Never the same as when someone else does it for you but still very much much enjoyable - a great me time moment!  The Saltskrub Foot Oil began to absorb into my feet after a few minutes, leaving a light layer of oil and shine to the service of the skin.  It also had a pleasant scent,  however I couldn't quite figure out what it reminded me of.  Maybe when you try it you can let me know and we can figure it out together! 

These products have kept my feet feeling silky smooth for more than two days , which I must admit,  pleases me.  Overall, both products have a place in my bathtub routine. Even my sister had her eyes on them!