Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail: "My toenail just doesn't take directions!"  "Ouch my toe!" Sound familiar? That pain in the top corner of your toe nail.

Ingrown toenails develop because of many reasons such as: ill fitting footwear, tight socks, injury, inherited and poorly cut toenails! Therefore, it is essential to learn to cut your toe nails properly. More often than not, toenails are cut awkwardly resulting in ingrown toenails. DG Podiatrist would be more than happy to show you the correct way for your feet.

Once ingrown, your toe can be very painful even in socks, shoes and even via on touch. Depending on how bad the condition is, the top corners of the toe can become red, sore, swollen and even exude pus.

Ingrown toenail treatment: The best treatment for ingrown toenail will be explained to you by DG Podiatrist on consultation. There is a conservative method in maintaining the nail and providing you with immediate pain relief. This method does not include surgery. DG will delicately loosen the nail spike which has ingrown into the skin with gentle precision. This is where the nail spike will be removed professionally. Routine treatment for your nails at intervals of six to eight weeks can achieve happy feet. 

Ingrown toenail surgery: Sometimes the ingrown toenail can be an on going problem. If you are prone to this condition, then ingrown toenail surgery is for you. This small procedure can provide you with permanent relief. No more painful toes! 

How is the ingrown toenail surgery done?

Primarily, the toe is numbed with the use of local anaesthetic. Once numbed you will not feel anything at all. The procedure consists of removing a thin section of the offending nail. Followed by a chemical called phenol that kills the area of your nail bed that stimulates nail growth. This part of the surgery is called Phenolisation. Your toe is then dressed and you ready to go.

You will be able to walk straight after the surgery but you are strongly recommended to wear loose fitting footwear or even flip flops. DG Podiatrist always offers her patients weekly checks up till full recovery, which is usually around 4-6weeks. Many clients have had miraculous results! This surgery really is a fantastic way to resolving these painful ingrown toenails.

So now that you know exactly how stubborn nails can be and what can be done about them, let DG Podiatrist take you that one step closer to having the best toenails.

* A wonderful comic strip, by talented, to show you how a ingrown nail develops.