Heel Pain: Heel Bony Bumps

Commonly known as Haglunds deformity, pump bump and bauers bump. Even though it may hold many names, the reason behind the heel pain lays ironically behind the heel bone. The enlargement of the bony prominence of the heel, as can be seen in the picture below, causes irritation to the surround structures like Achilles heel, which causes pain.

There are many factors that contribute to haglunds deformity but majority lays in bony structure. This is inherited and you will have this bone growth since birth. Being overweight, having had injuries, ill-fitting footwear and activities that stress that areas of your heel are also contributors to heel bump pains.

This pump bump came about not just as a tongue twister but also by the style of shoes worn by woman known as “pumps”. The rigid surface at the back of the shoes rub from pressure causes the discomfort. Women known to wear shoes like them are the common sufferers from this problem. Men can equally develop Haglunds deformity with ill-fitting footwear too. The tighter the shoe the more inflamed the bump becomes, which can also cause for a heel bursa.

Initially the onset of this heel pain is redness, tenderness and inflammation of the back of the heel. Like most heel conditions it is crucial for a early diagnosis to provide a quicker resolution of the problem.

How to treat heel bony bumps? Remove the main source of friction and pressure; the tight shoes or shoes with a rigid back. It is advised to ice the back of the heel to help reduce inflammation. DG Podiatrist recommends encourages you rest the heel as much as possible. If you feel you require more information or would like to be seen, please feel free to enquiry and book a consultation.