Head In The Sky, Feet In The Clouds

January is a brilliant time for a getaway. Some wallets are in lockdown after the festive period, but this means that there are great deals available– preferably in the sun! It also means that you will most likely be flying to your destination. Some people adore jumping on a plane and some rather wouldn't, but whichever you are, there are steps you can take to increase your comfort in the air.

One suggestion I've heard is to fly first class. Assuming this is not a viable option, I will let you have a laugh at that one and move on! Let's talk clothing. I love my skinny jeans, but on a plane? Probably not. It's a good idea to wear loose-fitting trousers (or just ones that aren't skin tight), so blood flow is less restricted and ankles are less likely to swell. I can't think of anything worse than wanting to rip my jeans off mid-flight, although, I've done this at an airport! Don't worry, I had a pair of leggings with me and it wasn't a public affair. Still, it would have been much more convenient to have worn suitable clothing in the first place!

Next is footwear. It is essential to wear shoes in the shape of an aeroplane. I'm joking! Whilst that would be interesting, I am definitely pulling your leg– did it work? Actually, the best shoes for flying are comfortable and soft with a closed-toe. Your feet may swell or become heated, so shoes that can easily be slipped off during your flight are best.

Get up and stretch! Ideally, get out of your seat and stretch your legs every 30 minutes or so. Point, flex and rotate your feet and ankles; have a little dance down the aisle if you please! Remember that you can do foot exercises whilst seated too. These things will promote blood circulation. Avoid cramming luggage below your seat – your legs will be more cramped. Don't cross your legs, if you can help it, because it restricts circulation. I'm a big leg-crosser, but not on a plane. Don't tempt fate – keep your legs straight!

Ever tried compression stockings? Well, now's your chance! This clever type of stocking was made to encourage blood flow from the veins at the skin's surface to the core of the leg. If thrombosis is something that concerns you on long-haul flights, they are said to reduce the risk by as much as 90 percent. Used by athletes, flyers and those with leg conditions, this is a versatile and quality item.  

Hydration is important in everyday life, but especially so when up in the air. Seek nourishment in plenty of water and also electrolytes, which can be found in coconut water, hydration tablets and fruit juices. If possible, salty foods like peanuts and alcoholic beverages should be avoided up to a day before your flight. They will cause you to retain fluid, and you may swell up more when you travel. Coffee and saturated fats should be avoided too, although, that doesn't sound very possible to me! Perhaps for a day, but I warn you, I may be on edge! Circulation-enhancing foods include dark chocolate (woohoo!), grapes, ginger, avocado, salmon, blueberries and pumpkin seeds. I'm very fond of avocado, so I think it's time to reacquaint myself!

Whether you slip away now, in a few months or in a few years, flying is sometimes the only way to reach your destination. Some love it and some fear it, but with a bit of preparation, it can be a much more relaxing experience. Happy feet, happy body, happy self. So do more than dream of your perfect escape – go get it! Your head in the sky, your feet in the clouds, a wisp and a half away from the perfect haven. Take your feet to places they've never been – let them carry you forward in your travels. After all, they're with you for life.