Get Your Feet Summer Ready!

At DG Podiatrist we understand that looking beautiful and feeling healthy happens head to toe and from within.

If you’re planning a summer escape this year, then our Full Podiatry/Chiropody* treatment is perfect for you.  Designed to make your feet feel light, revived, refreshed and silky smooth, this treatment most importantly executes procedures with gentle precision that aims to be pain-free. This treatment also includes a thorough assessment of both feet for optimum health including a medical pedicure that is performed on a dry foot where hard skin, corns, nails, heels and skin conditions are professionally cared for to reveal long lasting results with a luxurious touch. Beach ready feet… what’s not to love?

Need the nails to match? We’re loving Rimmel’s #colourfest campaign with Rita Ora’s 60 Second Super Shine colour range. We love NEON FEST 322, DAISY DAYS 450 and ROLL IN THE GLASS 878!

*Dina Gohil will recommend the appropriate post-treatment cream or oil needed for the continued care of your feet. Customised props and pads will be made, if required, for future long-term relief. Strongly recommended for diabetics. Full vascular and neurological testing done.