Diabetes UK - Putting Feet First

We understand how foot care can directly impact those who have diabetes, and that's why we strongly support the Putting Feet First campaign by Diabetes UK.

Up to 80 per cent of diabetes-related amputations in England each year are preventable. Diabetes UK is campaigning to Putting Feet First. Worldwide, diabetes-related complications result in the amputation of a lower limb every 30 seconds. It’s estimated that people living with diabetes are 30 times more likely to have an amputation compared to the general population.

Join Diabetes UK’s Putting Feet First campaign and together we can dramatically reduce the number of amputations suffered by people with diabetes. Know how to look after your feet and know what care to expect from the health service.

  • Attend your annual foot check. It’s as important as your retinal screening appointment.
  • Know your risk of developing foot problems and make sure that you are referred if necessary.
  • Make foot-care a part of your daily routine, just like managing your blood glucose and diet.
  • Be aware of any loss of sensation in your feet.
  • Ask someone to assess the feeling in your toes by doing the Touch the Toes test.
  • Avoid using corn-removing plasters or blades.
  • Keep useful numbers handy, and know who to contact at the first sign of problems with your feet.

Do you have diabetes? We offer a range of treatments that are tailored to help you maintain healthy feet. Call us today or email info@dgpodiatrist for more information.