DG: The Art Behind The Science

Oil paint, one foot, four sheets of white paper and the magic of photoshop= Superb logo and painted black foot for 2days! Thats right, I was subject to a family prank courtesy of my sister! 

But through the laughs and family mischief was born the logo that brought DG one step closer in its desires to become a brand. Being creative and having ideas is what makes the whole journey thoroughly enjoyable. Lets face it there is nothing worse than seeing a cheesy logo. 

The colour choice was self explanatory. Black and white equates to classic and classy. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Many have commented that all four prints were different from one another suggesting each belonged to someone else. I found this to be a excellent resource in highlighting to all clients how different each and every foot can be. Every foot is unique; two are never alike including your own pair. They may alter from bone size, muscle strength, length and width to function. Incredible structures that truly deserve more recognition and care.

I hope I have opened your eyes to more things. I hope you see beyond your feet. 

Your DG