DG Recommends: Moisterizer For Dry Feet and Heels

Your skin is capable of doing many things, one of which we rely on a daily basis is renewing and shedding. This wonderful process occurs via several layers of skin cells. In the process of carrying out their daily functions skin also plays a large part in the water evaporation and retention. When the balance is tipped from one extreme to another, the feet can become excessively dry. This dryness results in a tight uncomfortable feeling.

Dryness along with other factors can cause further problems like dry cracked heels.These can be painful, unsightly and sites for infection. To prevent dry skin it is essential for us to utilise what is readily available to us, moisturisers and creams. Simple daily applications will result in flexible skin, softer touch and generally happy feel. 

There are several creams DG Podiatrist recommends for the best foot care. You can learn which cream would be best for you after a consultation where your skin type will be assessed. Everyone can have happy feet. It just takes team effort.