Dear feet...

Inspired by this month of love when minds wander to thoughts of those we love and have loved and lost, I decided this “foot note” was well overdue.

Dear Feet,

I know we haven’t been getting on that well lately. As a child, we shared such happy times. In those callus free days, I gave you shoes that looked good AND fitted well too. Since then we’ve grown apart. I admit my head has been turned by far too many pinching heels and I ignored your pain.

I’m hoping it’s not too late to tell you, “I love the bones of you....all 52 of them!” I’ve spent years gazing at my navel and not spared a thought for the “feet” of engineering that propels me forward. If only you’ll give me another chance to let you feel the sand between your toes and grass on your soles.

I don’t think I’m the only one to take your strength and loyalty for granted. Apparently 2 million sick days are taken every year because of breakdowns in the relationship between feet and lower limbs. It’s hardly surprising considering feet are expected to support our frames on their lifetime’s journey five times around the earth.

All this time, I’ve been making my way in the world and you’ve quietly supporting me. Every step of the way, from learning to walk and climbing the career ladder to gliding down an aisle and carrying two children, you’ve always been there.

I’ve come to realise without you I’m going nowhere.In the past I haven’t appreciated you as I should but I hope we can work things out.

Me (Rachel Oliver)