Creme De La Mer: Only the best for DG's Clients

In order to provide the best, it is vital to have the best. DG believes this is the right philosophy to have because you deserve the best, always. And what better than the luxurious Creme de la mer and its infamous Miracle Broth™.

DG Podiatrist tried many creams in the search for luxurious products, then Creme de la mer consultants Mr Liang and Ms Becki, both excellent in their service, provided education on the details of the products, ingredients, reviews and popularity. Pleased to say each product tried and tested gave superb results. The nutrient-rich ingredients in the heart of all their products come from Kelps, grown and carefully selected from Vancouver, BC, Canada. These Kelps are fermented with light and sound to create luxurious creams and serums that allow for beautiful transformation.

Once seeing results it was inevitable that these products would be introduced, for all luxury cosmetic and medical, foot and ankle treatments by DG Podiatrist. This is where beauty and science  marry to give you the ultimate miracle.