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DG Podiatrist’s Guide: How to look after your feet when hiking

Greeting fellow hikers,

This guide is made for hikers and adventurers of all levels, with your needs in mind. All the information below is your DG Podiatrist’s Guide: How to look after your feet when hiking which can be downloaded here.

Sadly I can’t be there on this trip, but I’m hoping that using this guide will feel like having your podiatrist in your pocket.

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Dina Gohil, CEO and Founder, DG Podiatrist Ltd


The best time to exercise is usually when the muscles are warm. By stretching, evidence suggests it can give you more power, speed and reduce the risk of injury and soreness. So before and after any forms of exercise including hiking, it is advised to stretch. 

It is best to stretch daily in the morning and on return from activities. Remember to breathe deeply and allow oxygen to help your muscles, as increasing the amount of oxygen will help break down the lactic acid that causes the discomfort of a cramp. If you are prone to cramps practicing your breathing can truly help. 

Visit our blog on various foot and ankle stretches here.


While every foot and boot is different, it is important to make sure your heel is firmly at the back of the shoe. Make sure your laces are tied in a way to give you the most support and comfort. Avoid tying them too tight as this can cause pressure and pain.  

Please see this fantastic guide on laces for different foot types here.

Footwear advice

Your heel should be firmly at the rear of the boot and the toes should have adequate room to wiggle. Make sure you foot is not sliding too much in the boot as this can lead to blisters. Likewise the boot being too small can cause pain to the toes and the nails. Arch support, ankle support, shock absorption and excellent grip is key to a good hiking boot.

Keep the feet happy with well broken in, perfect fitting and supportive boots. If you notice any areas where the boot is rubbing on the foot during the breaking in period, take special note, as these may be areas blisters can develop during long hikes. 

See blisters below for tips on how to prevent and manage blisters.


You will need moisture wicking, breathable, comfort, warmth and multiple pairs for your journey. Avoid 100% cotton; instead try wool blends with synthetic fibres.Wearing your socks inside out means the stitching over time wont cause pain or nail loss over long distances. 

If you are planning on wearing dual socks, ensure both socks are inside out. The first pair should be thin, well fitted and comfortable to reduce moisture. The second pair will reduce friction with the footwear and should be wool blend.


Under the skin, commonly caused by increased friction between layers of skin resulting to painful fluid filled pockets. By ensuring your socks, footwear and friction is controlled the likelihood getting blisters can be minimalised. 

Alternative blister preventions are:

Applying zinc oxide tape to areas of friction overnight. This way the adhesive will not move during your hike. 
Talcum powder in the socks and in-between the toes.
Lubricants like petroleum jelly or blister sticks.
Deodorant sticks can be rubbed to help reduce moisture for those more prone to sweaty feet.


Toenails are worth looking after before any hike. Make sure your nails are cut to the natural curvature of the nail. Cut them short enough so there is a small white edge still left. If you cannot cut the corners use a nail file to smoothen them. This will help prevent any snagging on the socks.

Making sure they are short can help prevent nail pressure from footwear during hiking or other forms of exercise. If you notice any nails changing colour or pain in the corners, soak your feet in warm water with a handful of salt on a daily basis during your planned activity. This helps cleanse the area and soft tissue around, and in turn eases pain and helps prevent infection. 

On return see your podiatrist.

Tired feet and how to rest them

Your feet have a way of telling you they have enjoyed your journey and they would like to rest. You should be proud of how much you have been able to accomplish. If they feel tired then this is completely normal. 

Soaking your feet in warm water with a handful of salt at the end of the day will provide relief to the soft tissue allowing for relaxation. Massaging your feet with a foot cream after, from the heel up to the toes, will help improve circulation. 

When going to sleep elevate the mattress using towels for example, so you can sleep with ease with your legs and feet elevated. Following these steps will help them feel fresh and ready for the next day.

Foot and ankle pain advice

Here are a few tips for certain types of injury:


These are usually associated with muscles, soft tissue, ligaments or tendons. If you or another are suffering from this, the key aspect is to use ICE/ COLD compress, elevation and strapping, along with rest when possible. 

Bone fracture pain

If you are unfortunate to get a fracture, it is important to seek medical attention. Get an X-ray to see the extent of the damage and rest with the foot and ankle elevated. Avoid walking and weight bearing as much as possible.

Toenail pain

Soak your foot in warm water with a handful of salt for 10-15mins on a daily basis. If you notice the nail is coming off, avoid tearing the nail off. You may cut the loose edges, but if you are unable to do so use a regular plaster to cover it. This will prevent any socks from catching and causing further trauma. 

Blister pain

Usually if small enough leave them alone. Use Compeed to cover and they will settle down. If the blister is large and needs to be drained make sure the area is cleansed and sterilized as much as possible. Occasionally, blisters can pop naturally - apply gentle pressure to aid the liquid to empty.  Use Compeed or alternative dressing to keep covered. Do not under any circumstance tear the roof of the blister away as this can stem more pain - an open wound can lead to a infection. 

Cuts/open skin

Cleanse the areas with salt water if you do not have access to sterilized saline, and apply antiseptic ointment. Cover the area with a dressing of your choice. It is advised to have your feet checked by a podiatrist at the end of the trip to ensure all aspects are in good condition.

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Merry Christmas

Its the most wonderful time of the year. DG Podiatrist would like to wish everyone a merry christmas. May it be filled with joy, laughter, indulgent food, family and love. This time of year sometimes gets lost by the need of presents but its the thought and kind words that fill our hearts with joy and light up our spirits. 

1 year of DG Podiatrist

"As a child, I used to believe that vampires existed and that the world had a secret clock that spend up time when I wasn't at school and brought it to a halt when I was.

Had you asked me then what I would be like in ten years and what I would achieve, I don't think I would have been able to tell you.

DG Podiatrist became a dream, a passion and my way of life. One year has flown by and what an adventure it has been... I'm entirely grateful for all the people that have been involved, you are amazing! Thank you to all of the clients for being wonderful! Thank you to friends and family for the guidance and limitless encouragement. I truly feel blessed, and I look forward to the years to come! This is just the start... "

- Yours faithfully, Dina Gohil, DG Podiatrist

Time Well Spent

This month Dina Gohil shared her podiatry knowledge as a key speaker at the 'Time Well Spent' luxury wellness day retreat, organised by Tri-Dosha in partnership with COMO Shambhala Urban Retreat in London.

The event took place on Saturday 17th October and aimed to indulge and educate attendees by combining three short informal speaker presentations, nutritional coaching, meditation and massage.

The session opened with with Dina's presentation. Dina advised people on how to find the best shoes, from the width of the 'toe box' to the best kind of fabrics to look for. Guests learnt simple tips like 'why you shouldn't wear flip flops for long-distance walking' and 'how long you should use a pair of trainers for'. Throughout Dina's talk, guests were given lots of useful advice on keeping their feet healthy and happy!

V&A Shoes: Pleasure & Pain Exhibition

Famous for exhibiting some of the world’s most influential fashion pieces, the V&A museum is a must-see for any fashion enthusiast. This year the V&A have turned their attention towards our feet; more importantly, what we wear on them. June 13th saw the unveiling of the ‘Shoes: Pain & Pleasure’ exhibition showcasing 200 shoes ranging from ancient Egyptian gold leaf sandals to the Swarovski heels created for the recent Cinderella film. 

It’s almost impossible to select a star of the show as the list of extraordinary footwear included in the exhibition is unquestionably impressive. Highlights include Kate Middleton’s trusty court shoes, Christian Louboutin’s Ballerina Ultima fetish shoes, Marilyn Monroe’s heels from her private collection and 17th century slap-soled shoes that introduced the sound of clicking heels as the mark of an upper class lady. The list of inspiring stories told by each shoe showcased at the exhibition is endless. Every piece in the exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through the delicate balance of pleasure and pain experienced through wearing some of the world’s most influential shoes. 

The exhibition will be taking residence in the Victoria and Albert Museum until January 2016 and is sure to be one of the museum’s most popular instalments this year.

DG Podiatrist Press Day


This month DG Podiatrist held two press days and had the pleasure of meeting some of the UK’s finest Beauty and Health Editors. The press days were full of pampering treatments by Dina Gohil which enabled the editors to get better informed to all of the benefits that podiatry can offer. 

DG Podiatrist partnered with premium nail brand Only Fingers + Toes, luscious natural brand Tri-Dosha, Heir & Grace Candles and Liberties jewellery to ensure that the editors were suitably pampered. 

Dear feet...

Inspired by this month of love when minds wander to thoughts of those we love and have loved and lost, I decided this “foot note” was well overdue.

Dear Feet,

I know we haven’t been getting on that well lately. As a child, we shared such happy times. In those callus free days, I gave you shoes that looked good AND fitted well too. Since then we’ve grown apart. I admit my head has been turned by far too many pinching heels and I ignored your pain.

I’m hoping it’s not too late to tell you, “I love the bones of you....all 52 of them!” I’ve spent years gazing at my navel and not spared a thought for the “feet” of engineering that propels me forward. If only you’ll give me another chance to let you feel the sand between your toes and grass on your soles.

I don’t think I’m the only one to take your strength and loyalty for granted. Apparently 2 million sick days are taken every year because of breakdowns in the relationship between feet and lower limbs. It’s hardly surprising considering feet are expected to support our frames on their lifetime’s journey five times around the earth.

All this time, I’ve been making my way in the world and you’ve quietly supporting me. Every step of the way, from learning to walk and climbing the career ladder to gliding down an aisle and carrying two children, you’ve always been there.

I’ve come to realise without you I’m going nowhere.In the past I haven’t appreciated you as I should but I hope we can work things out.

Me (Rachel Oliver)

Hello! Magazine in The Lanes of Mayfair Toe-tally Romantic

Valentine’s Day is near, filling both singles and couples with romance, generosity and a wealth of love. For me, this also means a bit of a love affair with my feet, ensuring they are luxuriously silky and full of life. The lead-up to Valentine’s Day this year is going to be a beautiful one. There is one event to be terribly excited about, and one you will no doubt want to be a part of! Curious?

Envisage an evening of romance and shopping with Hello! Magazine in The Lanes of Mayfair. Picture strawberries, Prosecco, red heart balloons, chocolate bites and, wait for it … a spectacular red carpet rolled out all the way down South Molton Street! Can you imagine? How very magical. DJ booths will be situated at each end of the street, playing low key easy listening music for all to enjoy — Heart FM will be there to share in the love. The celebration will take place on Thursday February 12 from 5-10pm. Put it in your diary, quick, maybe with a love heart by its side!

DG Podiatrist, among other participating businesses at 58 South Molton Street, is offering a stunning 20% off bookings and in-store refreshments on this special day. The fabulous event will be promoted in Hello! Magazine on Monday February 9, due to the generous discounts and raffle prizes offered on the day. You will be asked to show the magazine coupon to qualify for the 20% discount at participating retailers and restaurants. Hello! You’d be crazy not to check it out! DG is offering a raffle prize of a whopping £600, which is the equivalent of six London medical pedicure treatments! This is a chance to treat yourself, or your significant other, to something that will really make a difference to overall wellbeing. Better than your average hamper, I’d say!

There will be competitions on the night, such as tickets to Shakespeare in Love, Valentine’s Day hampers, dinners, overnight stays and tickets to Victoria’s Secret fashion show — I bet their feet look divine in those heels, and yours can too, wandering the glamorous (and discounted) Lanes of Mayfair!

So come and join in the February celebrations of love and wellbeing — go alone, with your partner, with a friend or bring the family! Share in the fun, the amazing treatments, the prizes, the music and the Mayfair buzz! Love and cherish your feet in preparation for Valentine’s Day, and walk with joy and freedom through the atmospheric lanes. Be happy, healthy and toe-tally romantic! ‘There is only one happiness in this life — to love and be loved’.