Calluses – Hard Skin

One of the most common foot problems, associated with women and men equally, is the growth of calluses otherwise known as hard skin.

What is the cause of a callus and why do we get hard skin?

The skin is formed of many micro layers, all layers have a significant role, for renewing and shedding skin. This incredible process is in continuous action throughout your life. Occasionally, the rate in which the renewable and shedding becomes unbalanced with the introduction of forces like pressure and friction. The imbalance of the process causes a dysfunction which allows the skin to build up; this is what a callus is. The skin develops callus also as a safety precaution to protect the skin of trauma which can come from footwear. Best example is to think of a mechanic using his hand with tools regularly which often results on having callused hands.

It is understanding that over time this build up can develop in excess which can become uncomfortable and sometimes painful. A easy and pain-free solution would involve thorough debridement by DG Podiatrist leaving your feet soft and supple at touch. Application of cream thereafter will keep your feet velvety for weeks; far more effective than a pedicure.

What factors contribute or cause calluses and hard skin?

  • Footwear not suitable for your feet.
  • Bone rubbing on skin.
  • Pressure.
  • Friction.
  • A combination of the above.
  • Surface upon which you walk on.