Bumble Bee Stung and Shoeless Inspires Innovative Designer Podiatrist

Imagine this - you have just been stung by a bumble bee! The flat shoes you have been wearing everyday are terrible for your feet. The pain is getting worse. Now you realise that your footwear are going to be little help to you and yes, you should have thrown them away like you planned. Now, not only is your foot in pain, it is has begun to swell and exceed the size of your shoe. These shoes are now disposed of and you are left bare footed at work. what would you do? who would you call? Believe it or not, events like these do occur. 

Ladies and gentlemen that very story occurred today. This lady was fortunate to be in clinic with DG Podiatrist. The sting of the bee cause inflammation and immediate swelling of the right foot. Thankfully, both the swelling and pain stayed localised. The appropriate care was administered and the foot was dressed accordingly. 

But like all random spontaneous stories, she was left standing with no shoes. DG Podiatrist had only a few resources at hand. None of which would immediately result in footwear. Within the clinic cupboards and work top were tools, sprays, scissors, bandaging, pads, creams and pens. No one could possibly think of a relevant solutions. This is when DG Podiatrist did what she does best, she got to work. Utilising the resources she had, made imprints of the lady's feet, using pads and dressing created clinic made flip flops! The lady at the clinic was surprised and thrilled with her new flip flops. She described them to be soft, lightweight, comfortable and incredibly creative. Just a great way to show where there is a will, there is a way.