Are Your Feet Holiday Ready?

Summer is the time to put our feet on display, dig out our favourite sandals and walk that walk. But ladies have you checked the state of your feet? 

Most of the people in the UK don’t even know what a Podiatrist does, let alone how they can help your feet feel better and look great. A medical pedicure will ensure that your feet are checked for any irregularities and given essential maintenance that a normal pedicure can’t provide. 

Here's Dina's Top Tips for ensuring your feet are beautiful for summer;

1) Maintain your nails with a nail oil at least twice a week. Always wash and prep your feet before applying the oil and massage gently into the nail and cuticle area. 

2) Paint your toes perfect this summer with a quality nail polish to ensure optimum nail health. We are loving Bubblegum and Peachy Keen nail polish from carcinogen free brand Only Fingers + Toes. Make sure to remove nail varnish thoroughly and soak your feet for 10 minutes in salted warm water before applying a fresh coat. 

3) Take time out to massage your feet and ankles with an indulgent foot scrub. We can’t stop using Tri-Dosha foot scrub which is packed full of nurturing and invigorating ingredients for your feet and skin. 

4) If you’re the type of person that lives in flip flops try and alternate your footwear with other variations. We simply can’t get enough of Crocs’ huarache and rio collection! Comfort and style combined. 

5) Banish cracked skin around your heels. Use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone to gently rub away the hard skin, then apply your favorite rich moisturising cream to soften the skin.

6) Now we all love flip flops so if you're looking for a pair DG recommends FitFlops as they are the most supportive, meaning your feet will feel as fresh as they did the moment you stepped out to make great memories.

7) DG loves creme de la mer and their moisturising cream is just fabulous. Another called CCS cream which is a little stronger and great for those that suffer with hard skin or cracked heels! Make sure to moisturise daily to keep them fresh, smooth and summer ready.

8) Nice simple technique to keep those feet smelling fresh and itch free aka athletes foot soak your feet in either a few drops tea tree oil or alternatively two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in luke warm water for 10mins, two or three times a week. 

9) When the suns out your feet are out too! So make sure they are protected with sunscreen and topped up through the day. 

10) Having London’s medical pedicure by DG Podiatrist to make sure your feet are as best as they can be to enjoy and spoil over the summer holidays.