After the Big Race

The 26th April saw an amazing 38,000 people run the London Marathon. That’s a staggering 76,000 feet in need of some TLC! 

On average when running, you apply up to six times your own body weight onto each foot with every stride. That’s an immense amount of pressure to put onto one place. At DG Podiatrist, it’s our top priority to ensure your feet are well looked after. So if you ran the race, or are already preparing yourself for next year, read on to find out how to keep your feet in tiptop running condition.

The issue athletes and runners are most prone to is athletes foot: a fungal infection that you can pick up almost anywhere, and that loves the warm, dark home of your gym shoe that you spend so much time in! Thankfully, it can be treated as easy as it is to pick up.

Your feet need to be kept clean and moisture-free to stop the infection from progressing, and an anti-fungal cream applied to the dry areas will also help it. Your shoes also need to be completely dry - best achieved by leaving them to air for 24 hours (but if you’re itching to get to the gym, you can use the cold setting on a hairdryer to hurry them along). 

If your issues with athletes foot are ongoing, we are willing to give you the expert advice on the best treatment for you to get you back on your feet in no time. 

The bane of every runner’s life: Blisters. Caused by friction, these small but evil things can be painful and stop any runner in their tracks. To stop blisters biting at your heels, keep your feet dry and cushioned against your shoe. A good pair of socks should do the trick!

Also, as tempting as it may be, don’t pop the blister! Instead, get some foam or felt and cut it a bit bigger than your blister. Follow by cutting a smaller hole in the middle to create a doughnut shape. Tape this over your blister and allow it time to heal. 

As tired and as achy as you may be after a run, if you don’t care for your feet, they will only cause you more problems. Here’s some of the best home remedies for nursing your feet back to normal: 

  • REST! Sit with your feet up for at least ten minutes to get your circulation back to normal.
  • Get a good foot massage! But if no one is around to do it for you, a foot roller should hit the spot. 
  • Keep your legs still and move your feet in circular motions 

As a treat for all of your hard work, enjoy an hour with DG Podiatrist’s Biomechanics treatment. We examine the areas of compensation on your feet (perfect for runners), so that we can supply the best support to guide you back to health - think braces for your feet that help with gait, posture and heel pain that running can cause. 

Or, if you fancy being a little more indulgent – which you deserve – simply come for a medical pedicure to leave your feet looking and feeling gorgeous and light. No one will ever know you just ran 26.2 miles!