A Heel To Appeal

During winter, our feet aren't usually on display. They're hidden under socks, slippers, shoes or duvets. But there's no reason you can't keep pretty feet during this time- they aren't always hidden! Think of it as you would a lovely lingerie set. It's hidden most of the time, but you know it's there, and you feel good about it. It is also important to maintain the health of your feet, just as you would anything else- for example, your hair. Sure, it would be nice to be able to do it at home, but the reality is that a visit to the hairdresser is needed at least a few times a year. Following a treatment, you look and feel fantastic and your hair is in tip-top condition. Let’s talk about quality foot treatments, and how you can feel truly taken care of.

Too often, I forget about how dry my feet get in winter. It’s usually my heels that are affected the most, but lately I’ve noticed my toenails look a bit dry, which is something I would have never thought about. I wish I could just water them like a plant and get on with it, but something tells me it isn’t that simple! The colder months can wreak havoc on our poor tootsies, with problems such as dryness, cracked heels and dehydrated toe nails. We’ve all tried to use those foot files (to no avail) and restore our feet to blinding beauty, but it isn’t as simple as we think it might be. Sometimes we need a helping hand. So, what can be done to help feet enter a wonderland of comfort and joy? Quite a bit, actually. Ever heard of a medical pedicure? Neither had I, until recently. So I educated myself.

A medical pedicure (sometimes referred to as a medicure or medi-pedi) is a complete transformation of the feet, focusing on the appearance and hygiene of the soles and toes. Despite its surgical sounding name, it is a non-invasive and painless procedure that leaves your feet deeply nourished, clean, smooth, hydrated and ravishing to look at! Basically, you won’t believe they’re your own feet- I’m sure you will, eventually! Results are long lasting (up to three months) if feet are moisturised every night. Now that’s something I can get excited about!

So how do you feel about your feet now? Can you picture your little silk parcels carrying you to heaven and back? It’s a lovely image, isn’t it? You see, inside every shoe is a hidden gem, begging for indulgence and begging for attendance! Cold weather is the time that feet cry the most (I’ve heard mine sobbing in the night), and nobody likes a sad foot. Socrates once claimed- When our feet hurt, we hurt all over, and isn’t that the truth! When you invest in yourself, you feel as exquisite as you truly are every time your foot hits the ground.