The Diabetes Council: 47 Podiatrists Share Tips On Good Foot Care For Those With Diabetes

The Diabetes Council recently asked their panel of experts to share their tips on good foot care for those with diabetes. As one of those chosen experts, here is what Dina Gohil, CEO and founder of DG Podiatrist had to say:

What tips would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed?
People newly diagnosed with diabetes should ask as many questions as possible about their condition and how it can impact the body; especially the feet. Always check your footwear and your feet; if you are unable to cut your own nails, notice any callus, corns, or any discomforts and pain, then see a podiatrist to have safe regular treatments. The appointment will also check for vascular and neurological status of both feet.

Why do you think a lot of people ignore their foot care when it comes to diabetes?
It is easy to forget about your feet since they are the further away to reach and with everything new required to be implemented. But remember they are the best foundations your body has, so look after them well.

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