DG Podiatrist is a luxury podiatry company based in the heart of Mayfair, London. Founded in 2014 by Dina Gohil, DG Podiatrist has quickly become a firm favourite in the press, having been featured in magazines such as Tatler, Cosmopolitan, Mayfair Times, Look, You & Your Wedding, and many more.

When Dina created DG Podiatrist, she wanted to offer a tailored, luxurious approach to podiatry combined with educating people about their feet. Dina’s specialities are, but not limited to, cosmetic overlay, diabetic feet and ingrown nails. As well as this, DG Podiatrist has an excellent verrucae resolution record, specialist interest in surgery and access to various consultant podiatric surgeons should patients need referral.

DG Podiatrist has worked with people from all walks of life, from mothers-to-be to premier league footballers and from MPs to brides. Dina has also worked with athletes of all abilities at the Annual London Marathon Aid.

“Nothing has inspired me more than wanting to help people maximise the health of their feet which can have a huge, positive impact on their overall health."

If anyone is looking for a podiatrist, then don’t look any further than DG Podiatrist. A passionate and career loving individual, waiting to help you take care of your feet and nails!
— Mr. Pervez

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